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the edge of sight

there are shifting sheets of sea and light
just beyond the edge of sight
and i’m unsure
whether i’m more seaspray or shore
sunstruck or adrift
under sweeping stars


the mirror breaks

then all at once, the mirror breaks
celestial patterns replicate
reflect then fracture on black waves
i raise the anchor, drop the sails
the night then draws its curtain down
the light stays where you are somehow
i think that i’ve known you before
love is a familiar shore


opalescent glass bead raindrops
shatter as they hit the surface
of the water, mirror still,
aureate, as autumn’s chill
spills over this seaside town
all sheets of gold between slate cloud
what is it that you think you’ve found?
the sun sets down his radiant crown.

star maps and sundials

you are the only constellation that i’ll ever understand,
you are my star map, you’re my sundial,
you’re the compass in my hand.
the luminous points of our lives strung together,
the sea breeze is carrying with it saltwater and wonder
the waves pool around at our feet
whispering at worlds we’ve yet to see.



the starlight motel

silver springs and the starlight motel
it’s the strangest state to find yourself in now
you’ve got me brought to my knees, here
your devotional words are feeling foreign, unfamiliar

and what had once felt like home or like grace
feels apparitional now, it moves in abstract shapes
rising fog, speeding freight trains
these are my desert days


i am comfortably coaxing fragments of a past self, into the present.
crescent eyelids, closing. a slow exhaling.
two hummingbirds hover by the kitchen window,
bathed in the rose-gold evening glow
of southern california, in late october.
coconut dahl simmers on the stove.
i am softly falling,
i have waited for this.