Month: July 2016


and when i find this place, i’ll know. i’ll name it sacred, my hidden home, and if the dream-weaving, silver-spun sky holds the heavens above me low enough, just right i’ll split myself into infinity, i’ll scatter unseen, give myself to some springtime breeze


i took a walk, one california evening under stars on strings, wisps of cloud, hanging ribbons of silver above me and below me, cracked asphalt, like diamonds, all glitter, under the orange glow of streetlights flickering. i might be fracturing too. in just a couple weeks, under a midnight sun, maybe i’ll meet a landscape that might mirror my moods, maybe i’ll forget you. problem is i don’t want to.       (a lot of what i post on this blog are lyrics from various songs i write. these words are from a song that i’m in the middle of crafting)


he was a black hole disguised as a boy, i threw myself into the depths of him. it was a place where no light gets out, and no light gets in i spent years in the black. i met the shapeless faces that lurk in the darkest places, but i’m never going back. i am never going back.