Month: July 2016

drums and thunder

in the distance, drums and thunder, storm clouds dance on the horizon. leaves twist patterns in november air, and freight trains low will rattle by the windows shake, the walls will sway, and your knees will fault and buckle, but there’s a path that you must follow, there is a path that you must follow.


orange glow against black water, feel these city winds cut through me, and my feet are soaked and freezing, and this beach is dark and empty. oh the infinite potential of each moment to completely, shift the course of all your current thought, or change your life entirely.


come find me in the sun pool, silhouette of a boy wash our bodies in the silver light i’ll sing sad songs, you’ll tread swirling waves you know how to float, i don’t, i’ll sink like a stone twisting patterns in saltwater silhouette of a boy, it was only ever you.


Snow-capped mountains momentarily crest luminous, cutting into the sky at magnificent (and dizzying) angles, set aglow in the momentary gaps between rushing clouds. Brilliant white, slate grey, a never ending northern twilight to saturate it all, and pine… these mossy, evergreen, forests a million shattered fragments of deepest emerald green.