Month: October 2016

cosmic sound

since i got here, i’ve confused clouds of black smoke, and an oil refinery fire, for the new day. that same morning, in fact, was my first day back, and at 5am, i couldn’t get my coffee because half the cities lights were power. out. also, i’ve been catching cosmic sound on the desert breeze. and i’ve been brought to my knees, considering, for more than a moment, too, wrapping myself so tightly in the silvery threads of ocean, and moon that i’m almost convinced now, that sea mist, and salt, might make me new.

crystal lantern

i’m driving down crystal lantern. amber, violet, ruby, blue. the air is heavy, it’s a heady potion. drink it all in. desert jade, palo santo, sacred medicine, all sticky with the promise of thunder. perhaps we both share an imagination? after all this time, we still write poems for ghosts. but, i’ve been keeping my eyes on the road, though i’m still carving crescent moons in the steering wheel with my fingernails, though i’m still losing focus for a second or two, transfixed, watching as a million raindrops hit the dash. will we lift this mist? could i move you, something like the santa ana winds, these rolling thoughts and fog? could i turn your gaze west? a love like this might set pacific sky alight.