Month: November 2018

the starlight motel?

i think my album is finished. i can’t quite believe it, but i am very proud of the thing and feel as if i’ve stepped up a little from the last one. i’m still trying to decide whether to call it ‘the starlight motel’, or ‘starlight and saltwater’, and i do need to make a decision rather quickly now, as the artwork is being made (by the most incredible girl) and i’ve got a trillion little booklets to pull together, too. track listing: saltwater silver thread falls the starlight motel desert days moon lures the tide found on the lost coast star maps & sundials it’s been a really interesting thing to make, because songs written in the desert sound very different to songs written by the sea, and it’s much less whimsical than quiet magic was (i think quiet magic was overly so), less dripping in wanderlust. but, i’m hoping they all come together and there is, i think, a thread that links them all quite nicely. it’ll probably be released in february, around …


faith celestial braid. november’s grace. palest sky all glass and lace. the enshrined tide (starlight) of an orbicular ocean which will rush, rise, and subside in perpetual devotion. a silver sylvan siren’s whispered superstition offering divine direction, a path to dew drops and cyclamen, my lost pool of Siloam.