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said the starlight, to the sea

so said the starlight, to the sea,
do you know where all rivers lead?
what could you hope to know of me?
i’m far above you. out of reach.
i sing the music of the spheres,
and every dawn, i disappear,
oh, cosmic lyre, into the fire,
that all things come from. ever higher.

responds the sea, pellucidly,
don’t you know? you are part of me.
we rise and fall symmetrically,
there’s so much, still, you’ve yet to see.
your glow, reflected on my surface?
the exhaled breath of universes.
and that’s your path, your shining purpose,
celestial child, to learn what love is.




(i will never ever finish my album if i keep insisting on adding new songs. to the sea!)

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