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sundial or sea-bird (diary)

a pearl grey propitious first february morning
and i’ve faith as a sundial or a sea-bird’s wing
and like me, the ivy leaves are all shivering
and there are silver bell snowdrops, each will ring in the spring.



it is imbolc, brigid’s day,  candlemas, a traditional beginning of spring, and i’m wearing inherited pearls and reading about stellaria holostea.

i am the ‘flower of sorrow’
so they say
no glory can i borrow
from the May
yet, starlike, mid the green
my fragile flowers are seen
so faith her steadfast eye
lifts to the sky

it’s a second hand charity shop book on plant lore, illustrated by rosemary wise and written by josephine addison. i’ve also a very old-fashioned book on traditional british cooking, and it’s just fantastic. summer pudding, fisherman’s stew, sand cakes, and stilton mousse (which sounds awful, in my opinion). tomorrow, i’m to finish my packing for the ukraine:

– bobble hat, two
– camera, two
– lenses, three
– impractical phrases scribbled on a piece of paper, three
– diary, three
– pair of brand new lace up leather boots, one
– wool socks, two
– proper coat, zero

and, then, i’m going to go to a favourite cafe and drink one of their ridiculously strong little coffees, they’re the sort that come in a silver-rimmed glass and are served with pistachio pastries. february is my second favourite month, after december, because it’s, still, fiercely cold, the 19th is my birthday (we’re going for afternoon tea!), and there’s usually frozen ponds, snowdrops, romance.

i’m also, this month, considering a change of career:

– lunaria telekiana hunter, and then preserver
– forget me not or sweet pea seed starter
– aficionado of odd french herbal elixirs and berry liqueurs
– out of focus frost macro photographer
– butterfly, better yet, moth collector
– baker of babkas
– mythographer.

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