I’m Sophie Wilkie. I write songs under the name Ocean Calling, mostly sparkling story sounds and tumbling thoughts that will pour out one way or another. I am originally from the United Kingdom, but ran away to Los Angeles in the Autumn of 2015, lured by sun-drenched thoughts, a chance to begin again, and all of the misty mossy places the west coast has to offer. I picked up a camera in 2013, and a guitar in 2016.

I am fascinated by the way light behaves: by stained glass, sun-catchers, spectrums, hanging crystals. I believe in fate, or something very similar, and I believe in a secret world, something or somewhere made of magic, a place that lies just out of reach, just around the corner, but can sometimes be glimpsed, touched, or felt.

This blog was created during a jetlagged January morning, it was a Sunday, it was 5am, and I was caught between the pinning of maps to walls and the setting up (yet again) of my studio in another part of the world, between pangs of loneliness, sips of peppermint tea, and watching the rising patterns of smoke around me.

I am currently living in the desert, these are my desert days. I think being stranded in a glitzy grimy glorious desert city,  surrounded by the Mojave, has taught me a little about determination and the value of excess.

Some of my most favourite things:

Creativity. Sweet peas. Harebells. Forget Me Nots. Sunbeams piercing clouds. Afternoon tea! Magnolia trees. Avocados. Peppermint anything. Glacial Landscapes. Cross continental train journeys. Wisteria trees. Misty mossy places. Wildflowers. Winter. Reverb on everything. Overgrown gardens. Strawberries. Rain and grey and gloom. Overactive imagination. Watercolour painting. Stormy days. Tea breaks.




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